About us


We have years of experience in the multi-faceted and extremely interesting property industry. Nevertheless, every fresh idea still generates a lot of fun for us and so we will work with you to implement it perfectly. Each project represents a new opportunity, a new challenge to rise to. Our ambition is the key to finding the right solutions based on your wishes so that you are satisfied in the long term


Maximum diversity through our work


We attach great importance in our work to a personal approach towards the client, so that we can implement your wishes as directly as possible. A personal conversation can clear up many misunderstandings, so we know where we stand right from the start. We speak German, English, and Russian.

In addition to a high level of personal attention, we attach great importance to modern tools that allow us to keep pace with the times when working with our clients. In this respect, innovation and digital technology provide the perfect foundation for our work, allowing us to provide our clients with meaningful 3-D tours and other visualisation tools. By no means are innovation and personal attention contradictions.


Sustainable marketing for maximum success


As estate agents offering a comprehensive range of services, we also, of course, implement in-depth and perfectly adapted marketing concepts. These not only promote sales and show off the best side of properties, but also always express a personal touch. We also focus on how we stage the property, so that every potential buyer can see themselves in it. Successful management involves much more than property presentations, which is why we reach our customers in a targeted way through a perfect blend of technology and charm.


That's why we are the perfect partner for your projects to meet your needs at every location in full. We stand by our work and welcome every new client and look forward to successful collaboration. For us, property is so much more than just an investment. We see its complexity and history and transform all these subtle but crucial details into an effective concept. A concept that buyers find hard to resist.


With transparency and openness to success


Let us show you what we can do: contact us about your project. For us, the client is our top priority, which is why we always strive to realise your ideas in the best way possible. In order to do this, we inform you of every detail and ensure that you retain control of your projects when it comes to buying, selling, renting, or leasing property. We look forward to your project and being able to combine innovation and technology with attention to detail and personal implementation. Together, we will develop the full potential of your property and offer you service that you will always be comfortable with.